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Nový diel Sherlocka zrejme napíšu feministky (Späť na článok)

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oni to neboli tak celkom feministky ako skor sufrazetky, bojujuce za volebne pravo zien.

nosna myslienka feminizmu totiz je, ze heterosexualita je zenam nanutena muzmi aby ich mohli ovladat.

ale special to bol vyborny :)


Ne, to skutečně nosná myšlenka feminismu není :-)


skuste si nieco nastudovat kym sa vyjadrite.

mozete zacat tym ze si do vyhladavaca date "Heteronormative Oppression", "Smash the patriarchy" a prestudovanim tychto autoriek:

Andrea Dworkin
“But the hatred of women is a source of sexual pleasure for men in its own right. Intercourse appears to be the expression of that contempt in pure form, in the form of a sexed hierarchy; it requires no passion or heart because it is power without invention articulating the arrogance of those who do the ***** Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women . . .”

Marilyn Frye
“Fucking is a large part of how females are kept subordinated to males. It is a ritual enactment of that subordination which constantly reaffirms the fact of subordination and habituates both men and women to it, both in body and in imagination.”

Sheila Jeffreys
“Male supremacy is centered on the act of sexual intercourse, justified by heterosexual practice.”

Dee Graham
“Male sexual violence against women and ‘normal’ heterosexual intercourse are essential to patriarchy because they establish the dominance of the penis over the vagina, and thus the power relations between the sexes. . . . Men’s sexual violence against women is the primary vehicle through which the dominance of the penis over the vagina is established.”

Charlotte Bunch
Lesbianism is a threat to the ideological, political, personal, and economic basis of male supremacy. The Lesbian threatens the ideology of male supremacy by destroying the lie about female inferiority, weakness, passivity, and by denying women’s ‘innate’ need for men. . . . Our rejection of heterosexual sex challenges male domination in its most individual and common form. We offer all women something better than submission to personal oppression. We offer the beginning of the end of collective and individual male supremacy. . . . Lesbianism is the key to liberation and only women who cut their ties to male privilege can be trusted to remain serious in the struggle against male dominance.

Kitzinger a Wilkinson
sa v knihe Heterosexuality: A Feminism & Psychology Reader stazuju ze v starsej feministickej literature: “heterosexuality is simply assumed as the natural, taken-for-granted way to be for most women, obscuring the overt and covert violence with which ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ is forced upon us, through . . . the socialization of women to feel that male sexual ‘drive’ amounts to a right, the idealization of heterosexual romance, rape, pornography, seizure of children from lesbian mothers in the courts, sexual harassment, enforced economic dependence of wives and the erasure of lesbian existence from history and culture.”

Vsetko su to siroko citovane autorky, ich diela je mozne najst v ramci Women's Study na vacsine americkych vysokych skol. Mimochodom profesorky na tychto "odboroch" su takmer vylucne lesbicke feministky.
Mnozstvo z tych autoriek by v normalnej spolocnosti boli zatvorene v ustave s nejakou psychickou poruchou.

Feministky presadzuju svoje ciele, nie vase predstavy o tom co je feminizmus.

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